Our trading is, first and foremost, physical. Crystal Green (Global Services) connects producers and users of agricultural commodities through origination, processing, provision of marketing and distribution capabilities and services. We have and will continually create reliable sources of commodities to meet our clients’ needs. Crystal Green (Global Services) forges connections; we help make things happen, and markets work.


Our principal responsibility is to our customers. We are able to recognize opportunities quickly, and to act decisively. We have the systems, people and flexibility to make intelligent connections, optimize economies of scale, and create viable external partnerships. Crystal Green (Global Services) continually seeks our business partners’ satisfaction in executing agreed terms and conditions of contracts. We form partnerships born of common interests and long term sustainability


Crystal Green (Global Services) started has a cocoa farming organization and made the transition to agro-commodity trading. We have planted approximately 60,000 cocoa trees from inception and planted 37,500 in 2011.

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